Dan Kennedy NOBS Maximum Referrals

In this week’s “great book’s I’ve read” I review Dan Kennedy’s: No B.S. Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Securing New Customers and Maximum Profits.

Kennedy is my favorite author when it comes to Marketing & shooting straight! He’s brutally honest and brilliant!

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Bob Bly of Bly on InspiredInsider with Dr. Jeremy Weisz

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Other Entrepreneurs featured on InspiredInsider include founders of P90 X – Tony Horton, Einstein Bagels, Atari, and Baby Einstein and many more.

All Time Favorites:
Founder of P90X – http://www.inspiredinsider.com/tony-horton-p90x-interview/

Founder of Atari – http://www.inspiredinsider.com/nolan-bushnell-atari-brainrush-interview/

Founder of Einstein Bagels – http://www.inspiredinsider.com/noah-alper-noahsbagels-interview/

The Infomercials King Ron Popeil – http://www.inspiredinsider.com/ron-popeil-one-question-inspires/

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About InspiredInsider:
Dr. Jeremy Weisz is Founder of InspiredInsider where he interviews top Founders, Entrepreneurs and Leaders and the highs and lows of building a business..

Here is the story that was kept close to his chest and is the inspiration behind inspiredinsider — http://www.inspiredinsider.com/about


Doberman Dan | The Door To Freedom

Doberman Dan | The Door To Freedom

SUBJECT: Look… HERE is the door to freedom…

As soon as I saw this strange event happening I thought, “This has gotta be the best metaphor EVER.”

In fact, IF you have what it takes… this metaphor can make you financially independent for the rest of your life.

That’s what it has done for me… and several others I’ve helped.

Click here to discover this huge, honkin’ “financial freedom” metaphor revealed on the latest episode of Off The Chain.

All the best,

Doberman Dan

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Reklamçının etirafları..David Ogilvy(1)

“Reklamın atası” hesab olunan David Ogilvy 37 yaşında öz reklam agentliyinin əsasını qoyub..Sonralar bu agentlik indi “Ogilvy&Mather” kimi tanınan beynəlxalq reklam şirkətinə çevrilib.
Əlinizdə tutduğunuz kitab Ogilvinin təcrübəsinə əsaslanan konseptlər,taktikalar və texnologiyalardan,həmçinin insanların hansı reklamlara nə cür reaksiya verdigi barədə araşdırmalardan bəhs edir.
Kitab reklamçıların təcrübəsinə təcrübə qatacaq, reklamı yalnız media vasitələrindən görənləri isə reklanın iç dünyasına aparacaq və onun necə hazırlandıgını göstərəcək.
Reklamçının etirafları” reklam sahəsində işləyənlər,işləmək istəyənlər,reklamla maraqlananlar üçün elmi-praktiki vəsaitdir.Biznesin hər hansı bir sahəsində ugur qazanmaq istəyən hər kəs bu kitabı öz ”
Mütləq oxunmalı kitablar” siyahısına salmalıdır..

Cracking The Millenial Code – Christian Cotichini

Building A Team You Love: in 3 Steps with Brad Martineau at Joe Polish’s Genius Network. To learn more about Genius Network® click here: https://goo.gl/0mX9id

It’s been said that millennials are “too lazy to even eat cereal” yet Christian Cotichini says they are better than other generations and are your key to a self-managing company. In this episode Christian uncovers how millennials are the most educated generation ever as well as the most underpaid, all the while by many metrics being the hardest working generation at the same time.

Recorded LIVE at Genius Network.


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💰 Vuoi davvero essere ricco? – 💡 Pillole di Mindset #1 by Dan Kennedy


In questo estratto di “Wealth Attraction Seminar for EnterpreneursDan Kennedy ci spiega come la maggior parte delle persone in realtà abbia paura di avere più soldi.

Molte persone infatti pensano che col denaro avranno numerosi problemi (tasse, gestione aziendale, reputazione ecc.).
Questo è un paradigma sbagliato perché anche i poveri hanno problemi e anche peggiori.

Col denaro si possono risolvere più problemi di quanti se ne possano risolvere senza.

E Tu, preferisci avere i problemi dei ricchi o dei poveri?


Nuovi video ogni domenica 😉

👉 Cambia la tua vita ora 💎💎

Copyright© 2003 Dan Kennedy

Fitness And Food Tips For Losing Weight And Feeling Great!

Watch this video of Joe Polish, JJ Virgin, and Dr. Mark Hyman discussing some of their best health and exercise tips for losing weight, feeling great, and having the body you deserve! AND, be sure to listen to Joe Polish’s FREE I Love Marketing interviews with JJ Virgin and Dr. Mark Hyman here:

Joe Polish’s I Love Marketing interview with JJ Virgin on The Sugar Impact Diet: http://ilovemarketing.com/jjvirgin-sugar-impact-diet-and-enhance-your-overall-lifestyle-and-health/

Joe Polish’s I Love Marketing interview with Dr. Mark Hyman on The 10 Day Detox: http://ilovemarketing.com/bonus-episodethe-one-with-dr-mark-hyman/

Joe Polish’s I Love Marketing interview with Dr. Mark Hyman on Eating Food To Regain Health: http://ilovemarketing.com/bonus-episodethe-one-with-author-and-ultra-wellness-center-founder-dr-mark-hyman/

And check out Joe Polish’s Genius Network at http://www.25kgroup.com

JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet at http://www.SugarImpactDiet.com

Dr. Mark Hymans 10-Day Detox at http://www.10DayDetox.com

Perry Marshall: How 80/20 Thinking Applies To Absolutely Everything In Life

Get shownotes, bonus downloads, and more here:

After years annoying people on the phone Perry Marshall realized that cold calling was a modern version of slaves building the pyramid. That’s when he decided to dive into the fledgling world of online marketing and ended up defining its future.

“If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is — unforgivable,” says Dan Kennedy and he’s right. Perry’s books have laid the foundations for what is now the Pay Per Click industry, and techniques he pioneered are now standard best practices for every business. He has been endorsed in FORBES and INC Magazine and is one of the most expensive business consultants in the world.

Gear up for the latest wisdom from a living legend as Perry shares about the deep fractal insights of the 80/20 mindset, finding a path to utilize your strengths, and the 8 axis test that shows the best way to sell. After the episode, get more advice about finding your success from Brad Spencer and Marx Acosta-Rubio .

“There’s innumerable ways that people get themselves into situations where their strength actually is a weakness.”-Perry Marshall

Some Topics We Discussed Include:
How to really connect with a cold audience
Sales letter wisdom that works for landing pages too
Getting on the path to claiming your greatest strength
The 8 axis test that shows how people sell
Copywriter vs Hostage Negotiator: Which one are you?
One thing all successful products have in common
Tips to cut the distance between desire and fulfillment
A formula for disrupting the marketplace (it isn’t about being an anarchist!)
The 1 or 2 points that can shift people’s thinking
Industries that are about to be completely automated
Why 80/20 is fractal and how that applies to business decisions (and to life)
How to harness the 20% of your 80/20

Contact Perry Marshall:
The Truth Seminar
80/20 Sales and Marketing – Get the book for free!
Connect on Instagram
And on Twitter

References and Links Mentioned:
Free Evergreen Traffic Playbook
The Perpetual Audience Growth Course – Learn how to drive consistent, high-quality traffic day in and day out
GenM (Sponsor) – Find marketing apprentices for $50/mo
Swift Financial
The Book of Proverbs
Brad Spencer : How To Find And Focus Solely On The Things That Suit You Best
Marx Acosta-Rubio : Why Some People Are Successful And Others Aren’t

Doberman Dan | Things not going as expected? Do THIS…

Doberman Dan | Things not going as expected? Do THIS…

SUBJECT: At last… the one big secret for HUGE success! (It ain’t what you think)

This is soooooooo counterintuitive.
It’s the complete opposite of what we’re told.
But after more than three decades as a serial entrepreneur it’s the most successful thing I’ve EVER done.
Another little serendipity… FINALLY… my PTSD/anxiety riddled mind is at peace. (No drugs needed.)
Click here to discover big secret revealed on the latest episode of Off The Chain.

All the best,

Doberman Dan

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Jay Abraham Khóa học chuyên sâu của phù thủy Marketing Modul 5

Jay Abraham Khóa học chuyên sâu của phù thủy Marketing Modul 5
-Bài học về chiến lược marketing và phát triển doanh nghiệp, khi nhắc đến marketing không ai không biết đến bậc thầy marketing Jay Abraham.
-Các bài học phát triển doanh nghiệp Từ phù thủy Marketing Jay Abraham
-“Chìa khóa của cuộc sống là giá trị, giá trị không phải là cái bạn nhận được mà là cái bạn cho đi” Jay Abraham